As I write this first post, my new book, Suspects, is at Ingram, a book printing and distributing company, ready to be shipped to bookstores for the May 15 “on sale” date. It makes for a unique and slightly odd time for an author like me. The book is done, done, done, but only a few people have read it. Fortunately, they’ve liked it and I think many more readers will as well. I’ve received some glowing endorsements from people who are excellent writers themselves and posted what they said at

I’ve sent Suspects to all the newspapers and magazines in Central Oregon where the book is set. I’ve also sent sample copies to all the independent bookstores in the area. In May the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association will send a notice to all the independent bookstores in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska) with my offer to send them a sample copy. At about the same time, Ingram will notify booksellers across the country (and perhaps around the world – I’m not clear on that) about the availability of Suspects.

As early as April I will send copies of the book to five readers randomly selected by Goodreads. About 60% of Goodreads readers who get books this way write a review of the book and I’m hoping for some good ones.

Comments and questions are welcome. Please email me via my publisher –